Guitar Repair & Setup Pricelist

NOTE: Indicative prices only. Your guitar will be assessed for its specific needs.

Headstock repair

Depending on subsequent setup work required.



Depending on setup work required.


Standard setup – acoustic or electric

Including adjustment to: truss rod, nut, saddle, bridge, light fret work, re-string, intonation.


Full setup – acoustic or electric

As per standard setup with fret level, radius and dress.

With both bone nut and saddle $220.


Ivory saddle

The fitting of an ivory saddle needs to be coupled with a full setup.

The ivory used is sourced from antiques.


Pickup installation – acoustic or electric

Not including parts.

$60-$90 approx

K&K pickups for acoustic guitars

‘Pure Western’ (passive pickup) including installation.

Prices for other K&K pickups or preamps available on request.


Partial refret

Includes full setup.

With both bone nut and saddle $250.


Total refret

Includes full setup, with bone nut and saddle.


Neck reset

Includes full setup.