Electric and Bass Guitars

Apart from the all important ‘setup’ and periodic maintenance, electric guitars and basses are a customiser’s heaven…

Asian-sourced instruments benefit hugely from an upgrade in pickups and electronic parts such as switches and pots, etc.

Electric guitars can be easily personalised through pickup changes and different switching options (eg. single coil split on humbucker guitars).


Trem blocks

Tremolo blocks.

Fender style Tremolo Blocks

Asian, Mexican and some USA Fender style guitars often have sub-standard blocks fitted. They are usually small in size and made from ‘cast’ metal, unlike the original Fender blocks which were cut from what they called “cold rolled mill steel”.

The blocks have a large impact on the sound of tremolo equipped guitars and an upgrade of the block and other trem parts such as vintage correct saddles will bring the best out in the guitar.