Warren George - Audio Zephyr

Audio Zephyr - Warren George

My passion for getting the best out of a guitar is rewarded every time I see the smile on the face of a player who picks up their instrument after I have worked on it. I love the “Wow, thanks man!” moment.

I was 20 when I picked up my first guitar. A guy by the name of Alan Muggeridge showed me my first E chord and it just so happened that he also built guitars. Within a week of being struck by the magic of those six strings, I was busy helping out in his Taranaki-based workshop… shaping up bone nuts, saddles, soldering pots and switches and clamping spruce braces.

Over the years my interest in how guitars work and how they could be improved grew into a serious hobby. Finally, I decided to ‘tool up’ and go into business.

I started writing songs shortly after picking up the guitar. I still enjoy performing regularly both solo and with friends.