These are some testimonials I have received from clients. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed receiving them!

Hi Warren, just letting you know that the guitar is sounding awesome!! And many thanks for that.

– Paul Ubana Jones, Martin HD 28

Warren is just outstanding and is happy to share his knowledge and suggest what’s best for each guitar. Nothing is recommend that isn’t needed and pricing is very fair.  I’ve left 3 of my precious guitars with him and he’s made each of them sound so sweet and easy to play, it’s just amazing!

My ‘84  Ovation has never sounded so beautiful in all the 30 years I’ve had it. My Fender Strat got a standard set up, hard-tail tremolo, new linear volume pot, and it plays like an absolute dream! My Gibson Les Paul got a work-over with the troublesome binding caps at the ends of the frets removed, new frets and bridge reset, pickups adjusted and full shielding.  It just howls.

If you love your guitar(s) then bring them to Warren – heck you’ve paid all that money to buy them, get them set up properly by a master! You won’t regret it.

– John, Gibson Lp, Fender strat, Ovation and Yairi acoustics

I have been taking my guitars to Warren for many years now. These babies’s are both expensive and some I hold sentimental feelings for. I could not just let them go into any repair man’s hands.

Warren has always treated them as his own, and his set up and workmanship,

has always been highly respected.

I would recommend his expertise, to all serious guitar players or owners.

Thanks Warren for all you have done for me over the years, and the years to come!

– David, Fender Strat and Tele, Martin D28

Both guitars are like new, freaky good, awesome cheers.

– Paul Symons, Gibson LP, Fender strat

The strat and 335 play beautifully, next level stuff, can I bring my ibanez?!

– Stefan, Ibanez 335 style, Fender strat, Ibanez RG prestige

Plays like a dream. The difference is night and day… thanks.

– Heather, Ibanez acoustic

I wanted to let you know I love your work, slides and barre chords much easier and the action is great.

– Mike, Squire strat

Just wanted to flick you a message to say that I’m really happy with how my guitar has turned out, I can’t put it down and it sounds great and is awesome to play.

– Oliver, Martin D18

Warren, you’re a genius my guitar feels and sounds incredible, thanks again.

– Liam, Maton acoustic

Maaatttttte, guitar received this morning, only now taking a break from playing as I actually better do some work, awesome, great setup feels like butter under the fingers, sound is full, balanced and just what I was after, thanks!!!!

– Steve, Fender tele

Highly recommended. The two guitars I had set up came back feeling like brand new guitars with a nice low action and sounding sweet across the whole fretboard. Will definitely be coming back for future work. Warren is awesome at what he does and will go the extra mile to set up your guitar perfectly.

– Oliver, Ibanez Prestige, PRS SE

I wanted to say a massive thank you for fixing up my baby and the extra care you put in to it. It sounded amazing playing it at the gig last night. Me and the boys seriously couldn’t stop smiling. You made my week.

– Tami Neilson, 70s Gibson J50

Dr Warren this SG plays & sounds HEAPS better. Feels lighter to touch too. Punches above it’s class. The E chord’s intonation from 1-7-12-18 frets are now so pleasing and sweet. Simply wonderful. You’re a man that obviously loves his work.

– Neri, Epiphone SG

I’ve just received my second guitar back that I’ve sent to Warren for a setup, and am yet again impressed by the quality of the workmanship. Warren truly is an artist at his craft!

The first guitar I sent was my beloved Clapton Signature Series Strat, which had severe fret wear from my gigging days, as I used fairly heavy gauge strings, (011’s to 052’s). Warren performed a full refret and setup. I couldn’t believe how well it played when I got it back, I’d almost forgotten what a great guitar it really was!

I sent my second guitar, a Fender Squier Classic Vibe 60’s Strat for a full setup. This guitar already played pretty well, but needed to be setup with 011’s, trem set correctly etc. Once again, I was amazed at how much better

the guitar played once I received it – the correct setup can truly make a good guitar great. My only regret would be not having my guitars serviced sooner. Would happily recommend Warren to anyone thinking about having their precious instruments serviced or setup. Thanks again Warren!

– Mark from Tauranga, Fender Strats

Be proud mate, what a great job you have done. The guitar feels, plays and sounds far better than it should. Like a bell so accurate and true. Cheers for the fret work and securing that brace too. Can’t wait to get my old strat and SG done too!

– Marcus, Tokai acoustic

Fantastic refrets on the SG and Strat, they ring like bells and play like butter… f#*kin amazing, you’re a real craftsman be proud!!

– Marcus, 66 Gibson SG, 72 Fender Strat

Barnsheiks, Dave Dobbyn Band, Gin Wigmore Band

Thanks for another fantastic job and another special strat creation. Holding tuning well and whammy response is good. Great clear sound and lovin it.

I’m so pleased with the spectacular success of the strat upgrade. The pickups are a perfect match and the two extra selections are genius. Lovin it.

– Neil, Mex Fender strat and ’75 Fender strat

Man what a difference bro! The Gibson is outstanding thanks.

– Brendan, Gibson Les Paul

Great job. The EC is going like a dream.

– Cameron, Martin 00028 Eric Clapton model

Many thanks for the work you’ve done on my guitar, it’s perfect and a joy to play.

– Jennifer, Huss and Dalton acoustic

The gat arrived this afternoon and I have played it for over an hour now. First thing I wanna say about it is “WOW!”… she plays like a dream. The set-up is unbelievable, frets are excellent, very smooth when bending… the action is perfect, not too low for me, I like it when the notes ring and sounds very round.

I must say I have been using 11s string gauge for a while now and sometimes I find it challenging, but now it’s so effortless to play… I always thought that I have bad techniques but what you did with the gat made me realise that a perfect set-up makes the player play better.

Finesse workmanship my friend, I will share your work with the musos here. And you will definitely hear from me again in the future. A big THANK YOU:) happy.

– Alvin from Invercargill, Fender strat 62 re-issue

Thank you very much. The PRS plays amazing and sounds awesome. My friend who sold me the guitar, could not believe that it is the same instrument. The guitar held it’s own against a Les Paul standard. I will also bring in my acoustic for you to have a look at. I am a customer for life. You are a wizard.

– Alam, PRS SE with DiMarzio PAFs

My dad’s just played his bass and he reckons you’re a genius, considering he has basses costing 3x as much. That’s a lot coming from a guy who’s been playing for 60 years with the likes of John Rowles and Howard Morrison. He just can’t believe how good it is!

– Patrick and dad, Fender bass (copy)

Being too tight to purchase a Gibson Les Paul I decided to pick up a second hand Epi Les Paul standard on Trade Me at a reasonably cheap price and spend a little more on her to bring her up to scratch.

I took this diamond in the rough to Warren at Audio Zephyr and asked him to look it over…..as I watched him handle the guitar in that 10 minutes or so I got a sense of his passion for his craft and knew I had bought her to the right man.

Warren did a complete refret and a full set up, repaired a binding tone knob, fitted a bone nut, repaired a small crack in the neck (something I didn’t see or had asked him to repair….he just noticed it and fixed it), replaced the strings (which is included in the set up) and dropped in some awesome Canadian reilander RH-2 reverend humbucker pickups… I’d never heard of these pickups, Warren had fitted a set to another guitar and really liked them and so do I! They have a beautiful clean bright tone but they really love the dirt too… it’s funny Warren had warned me that the pickups would take a while to get to him, he txt me to say sorry for the delay but the guy supplying the pickups was in the process of actually making them for me!

Thanks to Warren I have a beautifully set up guitar with great playability and also with its own individual sound and character…it really is MY guitar. Cheers Warren.

– Mike, 2009 epiphone Les Paul standard

As an avid guitar player for over 30 years, I’ve seen my fair share of luthiers and their craft. I always hope that they will be as passionate about my guitars as I am – as well as a lot more capable of getting them playing at their very best! I think I finally found such a luthier, and his name is Warren. His work is fastidious, he does not settle for second best and he is not keen to compromise his craftsmanship in any way.

My guitars came back better than they have ever been, in terms of playability and tone, the service was first rate and there was no funny business with pricing. He is an honest artisan and very talented at getting the best from stringed instruments. I heartily recommend him.

– Mark, various high-end acoustics and electrics

It plays so well I could kiss you!

– Andrew, Cole Clark acoustic

I bought my 64 strat in 1978. It had been stripped and stained red and the rosewood finger board had been lacquered. I didn’t know any better, so when a tour with the band I’d just joined came up I thought it was time to replace the worn out pegs. The only Schallers my local guitar shop had were gold so on they went!

Over the years I had setups done by a couple of local techs, but nothing inspiring, seemed more like getting a car serviced. A couple of years ago someone suggested I get on to Warren after I screwed up my whammy feel by changing from the custom string gauges I’d been using for 20 years to a standard pack. Warren looked at it and clued me up on a couple of reasons to revert to un-lacquered fingerboard, and the history of fingerboard types.

Less than a couple of weeks later I had a ‘brand new’ ’64 Stat: re-fretted rosewood fingerboard, new Callaham tremolo block and arm, bone nut and the guitar beautifully set up for my personal preferences.

The guitar is the best it’s ever been, the sustain from the block and nut is incredible and while the re-fret seemed odd at first, it’s now a dream. He also saw that there was only one original pickup on it and helped me source some originals. I can’t recommend his work highly enough.

– Steve, Original 64 Strat

Just to let you know the guitar arrived safe and sound this morning. Action is good and very playable. The sound is open and smooth across the strings and I am very happy with that. It seems to have lost a little boxiness which is good. In fact a quick comparison between it and my Taylor 714 was very revealing. I think the Taylor might now only get used on finger picking material. Certainly for (most) strumming type numbers I play the Gibson is way more open sounding. So, all in all, I’m pleased with the results. Thanks for your help.

– Graham Sullivan, Gibson J45


You have set up the ESP beautifully. It’s very nice to play. Intonation/harmonics are superb. Pickups clean up nicely when the volume is rolled off.

– John, ESP

I just wanted to say thanks very much for the adjustment you made on my old Ibanez the other day – it’s significantly easier to play now, and I’m making faster progress with my barre chords in particular. Also, thanks for the honest advice about saving for a better one.

– Am, Ibanez


Testimonials from 2012 and earlier


Thanks for the great work on the guitars. They’re both real great action-wise, such a big change with the 335, it’s awesome. They’re both awesome!?!

The 335 sounds completely different, it’s really noticeable when it’s not plugged in, much more depth and character.

I buttoned off the guitar volumes this week, had the amp gain etc at about 6/7, and started to hear stuff that I’ve never heard from my rig. Tight bass, ringing tops, clarity etc. I feel great about it, like I’m really getting somewhere now.

– Greg, Fender Strat, Gibson 335

Warren was first referred to me by a leading musical equipment retailer, when the guitar tech I was using relocated out of Auckland. Six or so years later Warren remains my first port of call for any specialized work required on my collection of prized instruments, which includes a variety of USA Strats (including some Custom Shop models), Gibsons and several acoustic guitars, eg. my Martin D28. I have found his advice to be sound (he tells it like it is!) and he has always delivered in terms of the quality of his work and prompt turnarounds – he respects my gear as if it were his own. Highly recommended.

– Warrick, various USA Fenders, Martins & Gibsons

I first met Warren after buying a guitar he had built some years back and I was lucky enough to locate him. Over the years Warren has set up all of my USA Strats, Gibsons etc and each guitar has taken on a new impressive lease of life as a result. I’d mentioned building another custom Strat and Warren recommended the parts and approved a body and neck. The end result is like a “living entity”, I could almost swear it’s hiding my mistakes. Warrens configuration of switching on the Di Marzio 36th Anniversary humbucker & True Velvet singles is unreal. Not only is this the best guitar I’ve ever played, it really is a tonal head turner. Now I know what it feels like to be the Pied Piper. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

– John, Custom Strat, Various Strats & LPs

My first meeting with Warren was when he was recommended by Lewis Eady’s to fit a Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup to my newly purchased HD-28, which gave me all the sound reinforcement I required. Subsequently I had him look at my Gibson Gospel (1974), which required some work. Upon inspection, he noted that new frets, nut, saddle & fret board radius all needed attention, which he duly completed within 2 days. The result: A vast improvement in the set up, intonation & brightness of my favourite guitar, which effectively “brought it back to life”.

Next up was my Baby Taylor, which, after 10 years of being well played & travelled, needed a “birthday”. A partial refret & set up brought this little” gem” back up to speed & will again be a feature of future travels.

My D12-28 will, at some point, also come under Warren’s expert treatment, with equally pleasing results, I’m sure.

It is a pleasure to know that there is a luthier of Warren’s expertise & total passion for getting the very best out of the guitars he works on.

– Brian, Martin HD28, ’74 Gibson Gospel, Martin LX1

Warren, just a short note to say that I am continually wow’ed by the set up work, response of the new Ivory saddle and nut, K&K pickup, and the feel of the neck! Just this weekend I also put on some of those Martin long life’s you mentioned, another wow moment! It feels like the same guitar when I pick it up but a completely fresh, sweet sounding new instrument ,as soon as my hand touches the neck and the notes start jumping out!….I can’t find enough time to have this guitar in my hands!……. I will get in touch later in August when we get back from Aussie and come round and let you work on the Larrivee, can’t wait to see, hear, feel the outcome of that!

– Steve, ‘Paddy Burgin’ Custom Acoustic

I am the proud owner of two Japanese Tokai Love Rock LS85’s. Warren at Audio Zephyr was recommended to me by my local music shop guitar technician as ‘the only guy I let touch my own guitars’ when I decided to upgrade my electronics. Having recently ‘mastered’ setting up action and intonation myself I dropped off my flametop with instructions not to touch the set-up as it was ‘just right’. When Warren pointed out the list of deficiencies I reluctantly agreed to have him redo the set-up.

I was stoked when the job was completed on time (how often does that happen these days?) but absolutely floored by the improvement in playability – has the feel and vibe of a high-end custom shop model, plays like butter and is easily the nicest guitar I have ever played. My goldtop suddenly became unplayable by comparison and was dropped off to Warren within a matter of days. My advice – Don’t go changing guitars, when for less than the price of a crappy pedal you can let Warren unleash the true potential of your guitar!

– Chris, Tokai ‘Love Rock’ Les Paul

Warren has worked on my my largish collection of (working) guitars for nearly a decade and his work and attention to detail are unmatched by anyone who I have used in my 40 year career both here and the UK. He has turned some of my older instruments from being “collectors items” into “don’t put me down playing instruments”.

I would honestly not think of owning a fretted instrument unless Warren had given it a going over be it a slight “tickle up” to an “intensive care” hospitalisation.

Instruments of mine he has worked on include a 1952 Martin nylon string, 1958 Maton C&W dreadnought, 1963 Fender Stratocaster, 1965 hofner violin bass, 1965 Fender Precision Bass, 1968 Epiphone Espana nylon string, 1988 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 1990 Fender telecaster ’52 reissue, 1998 Martin 00028 acoustic,  2000 Gretsch duo jet, 2002 Rickenbacker “Capri” 325 3/4 scale, 2004 Gibson ES336, 2005 Fender Stratocaster Eric Johnson signature model.

Everyone of these instruments now plays like a dream.

– Jim Hall, composer/musician/producer, Franklin Road Ltd (www.franklinrd.co.nz)

I first took a guitar into Warren at AudioZephyr on April 21st 2010 for a professional setup: Until then I didn’t know him from Adam. I had had the guy at the shop where I had just bought this Stonebridge set the action a bit lower for my playing style, and when I got it home, I was mostly depressed with the result. Being a man who doesn’t keep his feelings to himself I immediately consulted two of my friends as to “WHO ON EARTH does this setup thing properly?” and they, being two of the nicest but finickiest dudes in the world, told me to take it to Warren at AudioZephyr, with the remark that: “he’s the Man.”

So I emailed Warren and soon got the guitar over to him. He exudes knowledge and confidence and is no bullshitter. When I picked it up a couple of days later (because I wasn’t in any great hurry) and played it, I was immediately impressed. Then, after playing it at home for two hours straight, I realised I couldn’t wait to bring him my other two guitars. I wanted to see what he could do with them, because by now I was convinced that Warren hadn’t just “set” my guitar up, in action, in fret board, in fret leveling, and created a new bone nut and saddle… but had the intonation perfect too.

I was thrilled, I was inspired: luckily Aussie is two hours at least behind our time zone because then I rang my brother John in Sydney, after midnight NZ time, to tell him that “hang the expense!” I was going to treat his Martin to the AudioZephyr Deluxe setup when he came down to tour in June. Some days later, after raving to Warren about how great the Stonebridge sounded and by now playing the Larrivee he’d just done for me with a bone saddle I heard him extol the virtues of Ivory and I went away thinking, “Geez, all I need now is the Holy Grail of sound, The Ivory Saddle…” And I’ve got that now, and so have a couple of my friends and as the Scaffold song goes: “Is everybody ‘appy, you bet your life we are…”

– TJ Hanlon, Stonebridge, Larrivee

I play a Martin X series, a Lakewood D14, a Squier Strat and a Collings mandolin. I have used other guitar techs but found that what I was led to expect and what I received were not very closely aligned!

The first gat I took to Warren was the Martin for a set up. I was so thrilled by the improvement that over time it has had a replacement nut, bridge and saddle. Not to mention a couple of partial refret jobs. I now have a much better playing—and sounding—guitar than the one I bought. It’s set up for mainly rhythm playing and it’s a real stinger. The Lakewood was bought with more nuanced playing in mind. Warren suggested full set up and replacing the nut and saddle to ivory. I wasn’t sure about the ivory but went with it on trust. Whoa! I spent time looking for the best gat I could afford, but now it plays and sounds way, way over the price range. Stunning! Everything that was hinted at is now fully there, and then some!

When I asked about a pickup for it, Warren suggested K&K. I went with it. The gat sounds just the same as it does acoustically but louder! Seriously. Just the same! The Collings has had a full set up and will get K&Ks in the near future. It deserves them. The cheapest guitar I have is a $200 (from Trade Me) Squier Strat. Came ‘as new’, with budget pickups, tuners, bridge/vibrato and that famous Squier hum! Warren suggested shielding, new tuners, and a full set up as the least that should be done. I opted for Fender pickups as well. As time goes by, I’ll replace the bridge/vibrato. At present though, whenever I have it out jamming with friends, and friends of friends, someone usually says “Man that’s the nicest Squier I’ve heard.” Then after they’ve had a play, “Man that’s the nicest Squier I’ve played.” Even the cheapest guitars have the capacity for improvement! I don’t think Warren is a magician (although the results of his work have been magic for me), but he is more than a tech. Being a player and a music lover gives him a ‘big picture’ view so he offers straight shooting suggestions, alternatives and advice focused around your wants and needs. He is serious about his work because he really loves doing it. No matter what the instrument costs he enjoys bringing out the best in it. He understands that not guitar is a commoditiy, it’s a key to the soul of music, and that’s as important to him as it is to you and me. In my case he has tailored each of my guitars for the playing style(s) for which it is used. For what I’ve paid for work undertaken, compared to the improvements in the instruments, I am ripping this guy off!

– Eddie, Martin DX, Lakewood D14

I had a 1974 Martin D35 which was in need of a major overhaul. Worn frets, dips/hollows in the fret board, the fret board white binding was cracked/loose and the action was not that great.

Warren George of Audio Zephyr was highly recommended.

I presented my very sad D35 to Warren to execute all repairs and maintenance. He suggested to fit an ivory saddle and remove the under-saddle pickup to achieve the best possible transmission of sound to the guitar body. He replaced this with a K&K that is fixed inside the guitar body under the saddle area.

Once all repairs and maintenance were complete, I collected my repaired D35. When I played it for the first time, it was like an entirely different instrument.

Warren had transformed my D35 into a work of art and I couldn’t believe how beautifully warm and clean it sounded. Plus the action and intonation were the best they had ever been. The new pickup sounded better than the under-saddle I previously had as well.

Warren has completed setups on my two electric guitars as well. It’s unbelievable the difference he has made to the action and sound of these.

In my opinion, Warren is a master at his craft and I have no hesitation in recommending his talents and expertise to all guitarists who require the best.

– Greg, Martin D35, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul

I have tonight for the first time plugged my classical in since getting it back home.


What  ivory does for the K&K is fantastic. It somehow produces the harmonics that you hear from the guitar when not plugged in.

I cut my effects send by half.

Best I have heard yet.

– Simon, Martin, Humphrey Classical

My guitars mean the world to me. They had never had a proper set up since I first purchased them. Myself and my guitars are so thankful for the hands of Audio Zephyr. Since finding Warren, whenever I pick up my SG and my Sigma, they feel and play with new life and with a restored sound that is both authentic and definitive.

– Billy, Gibson SG, Sigma Acoustic

Just wanted to say thank you again for the work you did on ‘Pete’ my Gibson SJ-200…Played an acoustic gig last Sunday and the improvement in the sound was awesome….

-Trevor, Gibson SJ 200

The Breedlove is really sweet.  It just gets better and better or should I say we; as I feel like I’m finally gettin somewhere with my whole sound, guitar and vocal. I find the action and tone so good that I can really relax into it and let my voice go do whatever it wants. The bone at both ends is waaayyyy better,… deeper,.. more colour.  Cows rock!

– Jerome, Breedlove acoustic

Thanks heaps for the work you did on my guitars.

I’m very pleased I got the  Ivory done on the D28 – sounds great.

-Bronwyn, Martin D28

Just had Warren do a set-up on my HD28V, and also install ivory nut & saddle. Went from fantastic sound to unbelievably fantastic sound! Has improved clarity, presence and power without the slightest compromise to that warm tone top to bottom end. Also, I’d been researching and experimenting with preamps/pickups and microphones etc. for it. Eventually settled on a K&K Trinity system which he has installed. A VERY authentic sound reproduction for this guitar, again maintaining that gorgeous tone!

– Tim, Martin HD28V

Bloody unbelievable sounds come out of these gats!!! And they feel soooo nice to play. Nice work. Pristine work actually.

– Joel, PRS SE, Ibanez “John Scofield”

I recently bought a Martin D1. Nice guitar, great sound, but the action was too high for my style of playing. A friend recommended Warren at Audio Zephyr so I took the D1 and also my Martin LX1 to meet him. (The LX1 had intonation problems).

As well as the lowered action, I also opted for a bone nut and ivory bridge on the D1.

When I played the D1 after Warren had worked his magic I had to check to see that I had the right guitar!!

The sound was unbelievably better, the action was perfect and I couldn’t stop playing it. Absolutely superb!!When I finally got around to playing the LX1 I discovered that Warren had used an equal amount of his magic on it – the intonation and set up was perfect I can’t recommend Warren enough – he delivered way more than he promised and I can’t wait to get my other guitars to him to work on.

– Alister, Martin D1, LX1